I haven’t posted anything on my blog for the past couple weeks. I didn’t bring my laptop when I went to Edmonton, and I am terrible trying to write anything using my phone. Then last week, I was simply exhausted.

But, I’m back now, and hopefully rested up after my trip.

I have a lot to write about, but this post is short and sweet. I need to update my mileage since my last post.

While in Canada, my sister and I hiked seven miles along the extensive river trails that run along the Saskatchewan River. It was a good stretch but mostly flat.

Today, I hiked six miles of the Pacific Crest trail near Warner Springs. The sun and heat made the hike a bit more challenging for me than usual. I also had to be home by a certain time, so I cut my hike short by about a mile.

Anyway, I get to add thirteen miles to my grand total, bringing me up to 51 miles. Yay!


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